A citizens' debate offers the opportunity to every participant to express his/her view on a specific topic. The participant will receive information prior to the debate by email, in order to build his/her own view;  then during the debate he/she will join 6 different discussions with other participants, and express his/her final views on each discussion through a personal and anonymous vote. Discussions will be facilitated to make sure each participant feels at ease. No specific knowledge is required to participate. 
The European Space Agency is initiating this citizens' debate in 22 countries in Europe based on the idea that in 2016, space programmes and the decision-making process related to these programmes are to be enriched with the vision of the citizens. The European Space Agency will analyse all the citizens' contributions and use them as elements of information and inspiration for elaborating future space programmes and nurturing its strategy. The participants will be informed of the results of the debate.
Yes, you are! No specific knowledge is required to participate. You will receive information prior to the debate by internet. And you will discuss with the other participants all day long. Everyone comes with his/her own experience, more or less far away from space topics, and that's precisely why it is interesting!
You will receive an email to confirm the details of your participation.
The confirmation will be sent at the latest the 5 September from the following address: (esacitizensdebate.cork@gmail.com)
You will be invited to confirm your acceptance. If you are a minor, you will need to provide one parent's agreement (see example in the general conditions of participation).
As the number of participants per room is limited, our priority is to confirm a group representing the diversity of the population. Therefore, depending on the number of applications, we may have to select participants from the list of persons who registered. So, if you are not selected, don't worry: it has nothing to do with the quality of your application. In this case, and if you have agreed on this possibility, we will keep you informed of the different stages of the debate and you may decide to organise a local debate with the material we will provide to you. 
Yes, please share this link with your contacts: http://citizensdebate.space. Everyone can participate and you do not need any specific knowledge of space. However, we may have to select participants depending on the number of applicants (see previous answer).
A lunch will be provided during the debate as well as coffee breaks. 
You don't have to live in the city where the debate is organised but you do have to be aware that you are responsible for any costs you have to bear to be part of the debate (travel, babysitting, etc.). Only the lunch will be provided to participants free of charge. If you cannot attend you will be informed of the results and may, if you wish, take the initiative to organise a replica debate locally.
When registering to participate you will be invited to share with the organisation team your special needs. We will do our best to make you comfortable and get back to you if necessary. 

All participants are invited to register on the website: http://citizensdebate.space

We would like to inform you that a selection of persons per country will be made in order to reflect the diversity of the country. The organisation team will achieve diversity in the panel by respecting socio-demographic criteria such as age, gender, geographical area, profession, etc. 

The choice of participants will be based on the number of participants the debate venue can host. 

N.B: participants must be over 16. Participants aged from 16 to age of majority must confirm their parent's authorisation to participate to the debate.

You will receive an email to confirm your selection. You will be invited to confirm your participation by email within 24 hours.
You are a volunteer to be part of the citizens' debate; by volunteering, you agree to take part in one full day of discussion and to share your views on the topics that will be proposed. The quality of the debate requires that participants stay for the whole day. The citizens' debate on space for Europe is fully participative. This means that each participant will contribute to the discussion from the very start of the debate to the close of it. There will be no possibility to "jump in" the debate during the day. If one participant decides to "jump out", this would reduce the diversity of the discussions and the richness of the debate. We ask you to make sure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the opening of the debate (we want to welcome you properly and make sure you are comfortably seated). 
If your plans have changed, we ask that you inform the organisers of your new situation as soon as you know it. This will allow the organisers to invite another participant to replace you and avoid having an empty seat in the room. 
No babysitting or child care can be provided. 
The full-day debate is not suitable for young children, though this is of course your decision as a parent. Babies are welcome. Children will be under the responsibility and care of their parents attending the debate.